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Individual therapy is a method of self-exploration and understanding. It provides clients a safe environment to better understand different aspects of their life and learn how to construct new and healthier relationships.

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In relationship therapy, couples work to understand their patterns of relating while building skills to enhance communication and emotional intimacy. 

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Family therapy offers a unique opportunity to make dynamic changes as each participant acts as an agent of change. Through the context of the living relationship, typical patterns of relating can be altered and repaired.

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Therapy Groups center on the relationships and interactions between the participants allowing the group members to gain insight through the relationships developed in therapy. This is different than other social relationships because group therapy provides structure and containment which can facilitate change.  

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Jamie and Liz develop psychoeducational curriculum to address specific areas of concern.​ Topics may include:

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

Body/Self Image


Grief and Loss

& more.

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Greif and Loss

Michele specializes in grief and pet loss treating grief-related concerns such as loss of appetite, lack of sleep, absent-mindedness, loss of focus or motivation, stress/anxiety/panic, anger, guilt (a thief of joy), social isolation, loneliness, depression

& suicidal thoughts.

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